Five (5) Habits That Are Keeping You Down 
& How To Finally Stop Them

Are you ready to FINALLY move beyond the bad habits and mindsets that plague your life?

AND into the God-purposed woman you crave to be.

Guilt, grudges, bad moods - you don't have to let them rule you. Imagine if you knew how to stop these negative mindsets right in their tracks - without any of the guilt?

Imagine how much better you could deal with challenges.

Join me in my five (5) day Moving Beyond Challenge, to get my and my coaches' expert tools to quickly stop some of our most damaging habits before they take any more of your precious energy and keep you down any longer.

This challenge runs Monday, June 19th - Friday, June 23rd and you get the full week long challenge for only $23.

You will get a daily email with a simple teaching + an action item to get you unstuck. You will also be invited to join me and my coaches on a daily Facebook Live teaching session as we answer some of your toughest questions.

We will cover:

  • Monday - Moving Beyond Overwhelm. 
  • Tuesday - Moving Beyond Negative Thinking And Bad Moods.
  • Wednesday - Moving Beyond Unrealistic Expectations.
  • Thursday - Moving Beyond The Fear Of Failure.
  • Friday - Moving Beyond People Pleasing.

Studies show that at the end of life, the regrets people most express aren't so much about the things they did, but about the things they didn't do. 

And they didn't do them because they were too busy or too scared or too distracted or too stuck in their own fears, their own people-pleasing, their own negative emotions or thoughts or overwhelm to move beyond it.

Please don't let that happen to you. 

Join me and my expert coaches for these five days in the Moving Beyond Challenge. You won’t regret it.

Just click the link below and save your seat today for only $23!